Our menu is seasonal and may change daily



Radish Board

Miso butter, smoked sea salt

House Baked Bread

European butter with fleur de sel or

herbed olive oil, roasted garlic

add smoked Char roe butter 


Truffle Egg

Rustic grill bread, soft-scrambled

farm egg, grated Perigord truffle

Winter Garden Salad

Cochineal garden greens, blood orange,

beetroot, watercress, Belgian endive,

toasted quinoa, orange sorbet vinaigrette

Pâté Board

House-made seasonal pâté, house pickles,

black currant-champagne gelée, mustard,

Cochineal toast

Winter Vegetable Flan

Leek & garden greens custard,

Gruyere fondue sauce, roasted squash,

toasted pinenuts

Herbed Escargots

Basil-fed snails, white wine, garlic,

garden herbs, light cream, grilled bread

South Texas Antelope Carpaccio Tonnato

Tuna - mayonnaise, rustic grill bread

Communal Board

Cheese & Charcuterie

Pâté, venison salami, speck, European

cheese, nuts, fruit, local honey-comb,

mustard, cornichon, toast


Vegan Board

Roasted & grilled vegetables, herbed


Mushroom Ancient Grain Pasta

Hand-cut pasta, garden herbs, seasonal

mushroom medley, wine, house-made

herbed ricotta

Pork Scallopini

All-natural pork cutlet, lemon, sage,

capers, caramelized rainbow carrots

Add free-range chicken egg


Cast Iron Roast Pheasant

Stone ground polenta, cherries, jus

brussels sprouts, smoked bacon lardon

Miso Sable Fish

Miso-glazed black cod, jasmine rice,

black seaweed, tempura baby bok choy,

miso soup

Mesquite-grilled Filet Mignon

All-natural Texas Akaushi beef, house

aioli, rosemary-fried fingerlings, grilled leek


Daily-made specialties